Jean Pierick

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1st Grade
Phone: ext. 129/310

Welcome to Mrs. Pierick's Kindergarten!

This is my 25th year in Highland! 

I grew up in Richland Center on a large dairy farm.  Work ethic and family values were instilled at a young age as my sisters and I were the hired help.  I hauled wagons and threw haybales all summer long!  I was also very active with school activities, including music and cheerleading. I graduated from Richland Center High School in 1982.  I graduated in 1986 from UW- Platteville with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education, Pre-K thru grade 6.  I completed my master's degree in school administration in 2004 from UW-Platteville.  I currently reside in Highland with my family.  My husband, Tom, works for Lands End in Dodgeville.  My daughter, Megan, is in her third year of college.  She is in early childhood education with a goal of being a teacher.  My son, Nicholas, is a junior at Highland High school.

In Highland, I have taught First grade, Response to Intervention and library services. This is currently my 11th year in Kindergarten. 

I believe that kindergarten is the foundation to a child's education. I feel that kindergarten is a place to get students excitied about learning by showing them all of the fun things that can be learned. I believe this is done through hands on experience and free play. Kindergarten also lays the foundation for future education. By learning their basic skills in kindergarten, students will become better readers, writers and life-long learners. Basic skills include letter and number recognition, letter sound recongition, and concepts of print. In addition to an academic education, kindergarten is a place to teach students those lifelong skills of communicating and working with others