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I have been teaching at Highland since 1989. Prior to my employment I attended UW-Platteville and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  This degree included majors in Biology and Broad Field Science with Secondary Education. After employment, I earned minors in Chemistry and Physics and my Master’s of Education: Professional Development dealing with the Methodologies and Strategies of Teaching. I completed my Master’s in 2006 through UW-La Crosse.
My Courses:     Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology,
 Environmental Science, Physical Science, and AP Biology.
I have had the joy of traveling with many family members and friends. I look forward to every new adventure.  My goal in travel is to visit all the ecosystems found in the US.  Ecosystems I have visited include:  the swamps and delta regions in Louisiana and Mississippi, the Tropical Rain forests of Oahu and Kauai,  the desert areas of Albuquerque, NM, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, the Alpine tundra and Temperate Rain Forest area of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state,  and the Arctic Tundra, Glaciers, and Mountains of Alaska.  I have visited many other areas of our wonderful country and hope to visit many more.  While on my excursions, I'm always looking for educational materials I can share with my students.
Other Interests: Gardening, Reading, Fishing, Traveling, Spending time with Friends
and Family, Walking, .....

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