Mrs. Pierick's First Grade Class

Mrs. Pierick's First Grade

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Pierick

Pierick Family Picture

My name is Mrs. Pierick.  I am the first Grade teacher at Highland Community Schools.  My family and I live in Highland.  My husband, Tom, works at Lands End and Tri-Star Pallets.  He is a girls basketball coach for the Riverdale School District.  My daughter, Megan, is a First Grade teacher in the Riverdale School District. She is coaching softball at Riverdale, too.  My son, Nic, attends 
UW-LaCrosse.  He is a senior, majoring in Exercise and Sports Studies- Sports Management.  He is also a member of the UW-LaCrosse baseball team.

This is my 31st class in Highland!  I am just as passionate about education as I was 31 years ago.  I appreciate the community and parental support for our schools and programming.  I try to embrace each day with vigor and compassion!  
I love First Grade!!!