Mrs. Pierick's First Grade Class

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Pierick

Pierick Family Picture

My name is Mrs. Pierick.  I am the first Grade teacher at Highland Community Schools.  My family and I live in Highland.  My husband, Tom, works at Tri-Star Pallets in Cobb.  He is a girls basketball coach for the Riverdale School District in Muscoda.  My daughter, Megan, is a Second Grade teacher in the Deforest School District.  My son, Nic, works at Sports Advantage in Verona.  He is leading the charge for the newly formed baseball academy.

This is my 33rd class in Highland!  I am just as passionate about education as I was 33 years ago.  I appreciate the community and parental support for our schools and programming.  I try to embrace each day with vigor and compassion!  
I love First Grade!!!