Elementary Computer Science

In Elementary Technology we focus on three major areas: keyboarding, digital citizenship and basic computer science/coding.  Students begin the year familiarizing themselves with the keyboard and work towards keyboarding fluency with guided lessons.  Third quarter we spend time addressing some of the many difficult situations students will be faced with while using technology.  Who should I share my password with?  What if I am being bullied online?  How do I know if a website is 'just right' for me? An what information is safe to share online?  All of these topics and more are covered during our 3rd quarter digital citizenship lessons.  Lastly, we end the year with a student favorite: coding.  Students enjoy whole group lessons before spending time on code.org to build basic computer science problem solving skills.  Take a few minutes to sit and code with your child...you'll be amazed at the rich conversations that develop from what at face value looks like a game.  The truth is it's so much more!  You'll hear language about mathematics, science, life skills and so much more!

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